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Primary 7 Wednesday 22nd April '20

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine?  I have now put up a bird feeder in the garden, but I’m still not sure about the birds names?  What I do know is they seem to be very hungry!!

Four areas to cover today.


Add the punctuation to the sentences and the passage.

punctuation worksheet 220420

Writing -Planning

Have a look at the picture and start listing all the words or phrases that come to mind.  Then brainstorm ideas about how the story develops and what happens to the main character.  The planning is today’s work, story writing tomorrow.

Hot Air Balloon 220420

Numeracy & Maths

  1. Topmarks Daily 10 – try to beat your own record.
  2. Number talks. Read over sheet 1, then use template for final question.  Or draw one in your jotter if you can’t print.
  3. Rounding decimals. Read over instructions page, then complete pages 32 and 33 in your jotter.

 Number talks Sheet 1

Template 1



On the Road to Emmaus.   Fill in the missing words, if you don’t have a printer you can copy down the words in the correct order, numbers 1 to 25.

The Road to Emmaus 220420


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