Hi Primary 6, I hope you are all well.

It has been a strange weekend because I am not used to staying indoors especially when it is so beautiful and sunny. I hope you have all managed to find things to keep you busy.

Here is our work for Monday. Please just do what you can when you can and stay safe!

PE with Joe. Please try to join us as this is an excellent way to be positive and feel good. (I even did some of the repeats at the weekend).

Spelling words:  Please try to remember these common homophones (words that sound the same but are written differently). Then write each word in a sentence showing that you know the meaning. This can be in a jotter or on the computer.

Moons:  Waist Waste Cent Scent Through Threw Pour pore

Stars: To Too two here hear flower flour right  write

CLIC – We are still using Term 3 week 5. There is a powerpoint that you can work through in files or you can answer the questions on the document called CLIC week starting 30.3.20.


LITERACY  – Short Read – using the description from Matilda last Monday please draw images of the two characters.

The Trunchbull stood motionless on the platform. Her great horsy face had turned the colour of molten ______  and her eyes were glittering with ________ . She glared at _________  Bogtrotter; who was sitting on his ________  like some huge overstuffed grub, replete, comatose, unable to move or to speak. A fine sweat was beading his _____________ but there was a grin of triumph on his ________.

Suddenly the Trunchbull lunged forward and grabbed the _________ empty china platter on which the  _________ had rested. She raised it high in the air and brought it down with a crash right on _______ of the wretched Bruce Bogtrotter’s head and pieces flew all over the platform.

The _______ was by now so full of cake he was like a sack full of wet cement and you couldn’t have hurt ______  with a sledge-hammer. He simply shook his _________  a few times and went on grinning.

Plan for Writing: This week our story will be about The Easter Egg. Please plan your story in your jotter and we will use this on Wednesday to create our Narrative piece of writing.

Title: ?

Orientation: Who, where, when…

Complication: Problem

Resolution: solve the problem.

Health and Wellbeing: Mrs Barker has her own channel for this – if you are using Teams please check on the left hand side of the computer screen.


Maths: Please try the powerpoint 2nd Level  Decimals ÷10 x10 in Maths filesTry to answer by yourself and them the answers will come up at the end.

Then there is a work sheet in files called multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,00. Please to not write on the document in files as it may change the answers for other children.  Here are the questions in case you cannot access files.



1 a. 91.4 x 100 = ______
1 b. 16.7 x 100 = ______
2 a. 84.6 x 10 = ______
2 b. 210.5 x 100 = ______
3 a. 83.3 x 10 = ______
3 b. 72.3 x 10 = ______
4 a. 96.3 x 1000 = ______
4 b. 2.0 x 10 = ______
5 a. 267.8 x 1000 = ______
5 b. 99.8 x 100 = ______
6 a. 6 x 100 = ______
6 b. 16.6 x 10 = ______
7 a. 1.71 x 100 = ______
7 b. 86.4 x 100 = ______
8 a. 1.5 x 100 = ______
8 b. 39.9 x 100 = ______
9 a. 69.7 x 10 = ______
9 b. 98.1 x 10 = ______
10 a. 48.2 x 10 = ______
10 b. 88.4 x 1000 = ______


Topic: Please start to gather information about the VE Day Celebrations at the end of WW2. You might want to think about how you will present these findings later on in the week.

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