Good morning Primary 7, welcome back.


I have attached your spelling words for this week.  Please copy the words carefully (type if you wish) paying close attention to the letter patterns.  Once you have copied the words try to guess their meaning.  Then look up a dictionary or the internet to check if you are correct.  You can write your answers down or challenge someone else at home to see if they know the meaning of some of the words.

P7O you know your own groups and P7B your words are the “Bashful” list.



gue, gu, gh



sh, ti, si, ssi, ci





1.    guidance

2.  guardian

3.  guillotine

4.  guerrilla

5.  guarantor

6.  guile

7.  ghoul

8.  ghetto

9.  gherkin

10.               ghastly

1.    fashion

2.  cushion

3.  description

4.  collection

5.  population

6.  multiplication

7.  imagination

8.  information

9.  composition

10.               vaccination

1.    war

2.  warrior

3.  warp

4.  warning

5.  ward

6.  wardrobe

7.  warn

8.  warmth

9.  swarm

10.               dwarf


Have a go at drawing a map of one of  the places from any book you have read recently. See how much detail you can  include and discuss your map with someone at home.

Take some time and effort to ensure your map is appealing to the same audience that the book is aimed at.  Show places of interest and don’t forget to include a Key, which gives information about any abbreviations or symbols you may have used.



Start today with the daily number site

 Optional – “6-digit number partitioning” worksheet .

Today we will revise decimals and fractions firstly looking at tenths, then hundredths and how to write them as a fraction.

Watch the video .  This will recap the process for you but if you are unsure please ask.

Now try the worksheets which you will find in the Files section under Numberacy & Maths, Fractions Decimals Percentages.  I know it looks like a lot but there isn’t a lot on each sheet, try to do what you can.

Good luck.




Today we are going to look at the weather in French.   Watch the clip from Alexa then complete the attached worksheets.

Weather vocubulary helpsheet



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